Kaisoo's sweet potato ass
Kai's Sweet Potato Ass tho

kaisoo performing angel


"It must be because I spent my trainee days dancing all night with Lay Hyung but everytime I dance I think about Lay Hyung. Lay Hyung is as precious as this to me but sometimes he is so 4D, to a level you can’t even imagine it, it really surprised me." - Kai

"Even though Kai & I are the main dancers of K & M respectively, but to me, he is a senior. He was already dancing extremely well. Even outside of practice we always dance together and laugh with each other." - Lay


do you ever get a text and think “nah” and go back to whatever you’re doing

*pencil drops*
me: could this day get any worse


If I’d held your hand back then,
if I’d held onto you when you turned away,
I could be listening to your voice instead of this sad song

would u rather fight a buff nerd or a jock who listens to jazz


things to remember:

  • nerd has a lot of pent-up anger, might pretend you are his dad
  • because of the jock’s exposure to jazz music, his attack patterns and movements are a lot less predictable

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