Kaisoo's sweet potato ass
Kai's Sweet Potato Ass tho

I wish I could do more than write a small text, but this is the best way I found to pay a tribute to these two amazing entertainers. 

This week might be one of the saddest weeks of the year. When someone passes away, it always get me questioning a lot of things about life, but when young people leave this world, it’s different. People always say that “only the good ones die young” and this proves it right. I’m sure these two young ladies brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people, and this won’t stop here, their work, their dedication, their talent will live on. The good memories will overshadow the sadness and like this, they will live forever in our hearts. I’m sure that the sky is shining brighter now.

Once again I’d like to tell that my heart goes out to their families, their friends, their fans and their group mates. I’d like to wish them all the strength necessary to overcome this.  #RipRise #RipEunB 

today, heaven gained another beautiful angel. you were too young, too talented, too amazing to leave us. in your short time on this earth, you have brought smiles to so many faces and made many people happy with your beauty, talent and personality. you fought so hard these last few days, but you are in a better place now. rest in peace, kwon risae 1991 - 2014. you will be missed.

Tao showing how he stopped the time and then he slaps Luhan (softly) ≧▽≦


… i wanna hug ladies code fans like i know you dont have to be a fan to be saddened and hurt but

i feel like if youve followed the group and stanned them its a different kind of pain and loss you feel and i just wanna hug you all im so sorry

Kpop fandom hug for Rise, EunB and Ladies’ Code.

I’m sure Eunbi is greeting Rise with open arms and a warm smile right now.

타오: he who controls time [ 4/12 ]


RIP Rise keep smiling with EunB up there

Rest in peace Rise and EunB

Rest in Peace Kwon Risae



Ladies’ Code Rise passed away on September 7th at 10:10 am.

That day I cried,
Its goodbye forever in order to be happy…

fan: who is the member that you want to take care of, the one who you feel uneasy leaving alone!

rise: eunbi!!!!!!♡

Nothing is a problem for Tao


flips the entire earth over….. 


@Girls_Day_Sojin: .. 정말 간절히 바랬는데.. 정말 많이 기도했는데.. 리세.. 하늘에서 꼭 평안하길바래요.. 삼가고인의 명복을 빕니다..

@Girls_Day_Sojin: .. I desparately hoped.. I prayed so much.. Rise.. I hope you found serenity in heaven.. May your soul rest in peace..

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